Our Food

Unquestionably, the heart and soul of Greengo’s quality food lies in the attention to detail and its traditional Sonoran style preparation.  Our chilis and spices are imported directly from the Sonoran Desert region, from where we hail.  Greengo’s kitchen slow roasts our meats and makes our fresh salsas and sauces daily. And of course we use fresh local Caribbean fish.

Our Beverages

Behind the bar lie many tantalizing beverage creations and our World Famous Tequila Wall boasting the largest tequila selection in the Caribbean! Being the connoisseurs of fine tequila that we are we don’t stop there, we also feature our own oak barrel aged blend of tequila, served straight from the barrel that will please any palate.

Greengo’s is also known for our unique infused tequilas featuring seasonal fruits, spices, herbs, and anything else that our talented and creative tequila masters can conjure up. If you are in the mood for something a bit more Caribbean flavored, our full bar can also mix up any and all of the traditional cocktails your heart desires.

Our Story

The owners and chef Elizabeth (affectionately, and somewhat famously, referred to as “Mom”) are in fact “gringos”, but we are not poor spellers. “Greengo’s” is a play on the word which refers to Americans to reflect our commitment to being environmentally responsible truly living the notion of “going green”. Takeout food is packaged in recycled, biodegradable materials and all glassware is made from recycled glass. If you appreciate quality food, tasty beverages and a rewarding dining experience, we are waiting for you at Greengo’s!

Our Style

Our fine cuisine coupled with our unique and mouthwatering cocktails is reason enough to visit Greengo’s for your next meal, but it’s the breathtaking ambience which gives Greengo’s an authentic cantina feel and makes our guests feel right at home.

Each location features unique jaw dropping murals by the very talented artist Lalo Cota. These creative images also grace the Greengo’s merchandise which is unquestionably the coolest swag you’ll ever find at a restaurant. Although each Greengo’s location has been painstakingly decorated to present a genuine cantina feel, we also provide well placed and sizeable flat-screen televisions; making Greengo’s an ideal spot to watch most any sporting event.